Holi Phagwa + introduction to Surinamese health care

Wednesday March 27 we celebrated Holi Phagwa. This is a Hindu festival to celebrate the arrival of Spring (Wikipedia). It is also known as the festival of colours. People wear white clothes and throw coloured powder, paint and water at each other. It is a ton of fun. I went to the Palmentuin with a couple of friends and was immediately covered in all different colours. Phagwa

Me 15 minutes after arriving at Palmentuin (holding a friend’s beer)

I had to leave the party early because I had an important phone call coming (see later post) but had every intention of returning after the call. On my way back to the party after my call I twisted my ankle pretty bad. I limped back home, sent a text to my friend saying I wasn’t going to make it and settled in on the couch.

The next day was spent almost entirely on the couch as I could barely get to the kitchen and back. That night my parents arrived. On Friday I could walk around again so I showed them around town a bit.

As it was Easter everything was closed Friday – Monday. On Tuesday I went to the doctor, accompanied by my parents. The doctor said I had stretched the ligament around my ankle. I should ice it, rest and it should be better in a week. I am just happy it is not torn and that I can walk around again.

Day 2 – I don’t mind the rain anymore

I can’t quite figure out if it’s the rain season or the dry season, different sources are telling me different things. If the number of rain storms I’ve encountered is anything to go by, I’d say it’s the rain season.

I don’t mind though, the rain breaks the heat. Even if you’re caught in it without an umbrella, you’ll be dry again 2 minutes after it’s over thanks to the wind and warmth.

Welcome to Suriname.Rain

Hiding in a bus shelter from the storm yesterday