The first weekend my parents were in Suriname we headed to Galibi to see the giant sea turtles.

First we drove to Albina, at the Marowijne river and the border with French Guyana. Here we had to take a boat to get to Galibi.


On Galibi we got a tour of the village, including the little zoo where the animals are not locked in cages.

Galibi Zoo

At night we took the boat to another beach to go see the turtles laying eggs. It was really hard to take pictures as we weren’t allowed to use our flashlights.

Turtle eggs

Turtle eggs dug up by another turtle

We ended up seeing one GIANT sea turtle, 150cm length at least. It was pretty amazing to watch her lay her eggs.

The next day, on our trip back to Albina, we stopped across the river in Saint-Laurent de Maroni. This is French Guyana, officially part of France. The whole feel of this place is very different to Suriname, much more European. Pretty amazing to have this just across the river.


All in all it was a short trip, but it was great to get out of the big city and see the beautiful nature Suriname has to offer.

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