Why I listen to podcasts

This month is my podcastiversary, not of me podcasting but of me listening to podcasts. I started listening in August ’05. I still remember how I found out about podcasts. I was working my first summer job and my mp3-player died. I stopped by the Fnac (love that store, they sell tech, books, cd’s, dvd’s,…) and they had a sale on iPods. The new iPod Photo had just come out so the old model was discounted. When I came home I installed iTunes and started copying all my songs to my iPod. While this was going I started exploring iTunes. I checked out the store and saw all these free ‘podcasts’. I decided to check out a couple of them. It was free so what was the harm? I think the first couple I downloaded where Kermode & Mayo’s Film Reviews and Pottercast. I was hooked. This was like radio, but better. These were intelligent and funny people talking about topics I was interested in.
Later that year Lost started (in Belgium). This was such an interesting show, and there was so much there. I felt like I was just scratching the surface, not understanding all that was there. I went looking for more information. I found the Lost Podcasting Network, with Jay & Jack, GSPN, Delta Park Project, The Transmission. The Lost Podcasting Network completely pulled me in to podcasting.
Now I listen to podcasts for several reasons. I listen to learn, to laugh, to hear about the lives of people I care about, to hear intelligent people discuss topics I’m interested in. I can’t imagine my laugh without podcasts anymore. Because of podcasts I met a lot of great people, who became first online and later face-to-face friends.

Here’s a list of the shows I currently listen to. If you have suggestions of more to check out please let me know.

My latest obsession: the Tufts Beelzebubs

In the last couple of days I’ve become reobsessed with the Tufts Beelzebubs. They are an all-male collegiate a capella group from Tufts University.
I first heard them when The Warblers made their first appearance on Glee, as they are the voices behind the songs. At the time I had no idea who they were though. Last December I checked out NBC’s The Sing-Off after hearing several people rave about it. The Bubs (as they are also known) came second in this a capella competition. I had fallen in love with them. They sang really well, as did most of the groups, but more than that their motto, ‘fun through song’, really showed. It makes The Bubs not only fun to listen to but great to watch.
My favourite Bubs song change depending on my mood, or whether I’m just listening or watching them on Youtube.
A recent favourite is their mix of One Day and Waving Flag. It’s a more serious song and sung beautifully by Eric and John.

When I want something a little silly I’ll go to this performance of Debra:

or this cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby:

And this version of The Show Must Go On made me fall in love with Nick’s voice:

Some favourite songs I’ve only found on their cd’s. A Bad Dream, Go Or Go Ahead and Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright are great peaceful songs to fall asleep to.

As I’ve already said, their music is great but watching them bring it live just adds so much more to it. I hope to one day see them perform in person. Maybe a European tour next year? Please guys?

To conclude, a couple more favourites.
Runaway, sung amazingly by Matt:
You Don’t Own Me with Nicole Scherzinger:


This week I bought a plane ticket to the US in September. The price was really good and I’d been wanting to go back since my last trip. This got me thinking about which trips I enjoy the most and why I go where I go.
When I was little I went where my parents went. As we always home exchanged we went all over Europe. I love that I’ve seen at least a little part of most Western European countries (Portugal is still missing from that list, and I’ve only driven through Luxembourg).
Since graduating high school my trips have changed. I don’t travel (much) with my parents anymore. They like to go on short mid-week trips when my brother and I aren’t home. I find that now I want my trips to have a purpose, a goal. That goal isn’t always the same the thing.
The first trip I went on after graduating was a vacation in Spain. The goal there was to do nothing but spend quality time with my best friend. The trip after that was a weekend in Oslo. I was all alone in a country I had never been before and it was one of the best trips of my life. It was a trip of firsts: my first time in Norway, a country I had loved for a long time; my first time going somewhere alone; my first time seeing Christian Ingebrigtsen perform (he’s my favourite singer).
Last year I had another trip of firsts. I flew to Kentucky for a GSPN.tv Lost party. It wasn’t my first time flying to the States, or even my first time in Kentucky! It was my first time meeting people I had only known online. It was my first time spending a week with people who weren’t family. Cliff & Stephanie made me feel at home in their house and it was a great week.
What I’m trying to say is that nowadays my trips need a purpose, whether that is seeing an artist I love perform, seeing friends who live far away or spending quality time with my best friend.