My books of 2015 – Top 5

I like reading. A lot. In 2015 I read 43 books for a total of 17312 pages. Or, as Goodreads puts it: Schermafbeelding 2016-01-01 om 17.04.48

As reviewing 43 books is far too much work (and would make for a really long post) I will give you my top 5. If you want to see all I have read you can friend me on Goodreads.

1. Diana Gabaldon – The Outlander series

At the start of the year Starz premiered a new series. Outlander is set in Scotland, and revolves around a woman (Claire) who gets transported from the 20th century to the 18th century. I loved the show and, as it’s based on a series of books, I decided to read those books. In 2015 I read the first 3. I loved Outlander and Voyager, but Drums of Autumn started getting on my nerves. As the TV show hasn’t gotten that far into the story yet, I won’t tell why (spoilers!), but it may take a while before I pick up book 4.

2. Aziz Ansari – Modern Romance

I marathoned through Parks & Recreation at one point in 2015 (right before season 6 started). Even though Amy and Ben were my favorites, I loved the whole cast, including Tom played by Aziz Ansari. In 2015 he released a book which was discussed on a couple of podcasts I listen to. I was intrigued enough to check it out and I am very happy I did. Ansari is a stand-up comic, but Modern Romance isn’t just funny. It’s also insightful in how romance and dating has changed over the years. The book is a quick, funny and thought-provoking read.

3. Patti Smith – Just Kids

Apparently my recommendations this year won’t be YA fantasy books, which is what I read the most. I don’t really remember why I picked up Patti Smith’s Just Kids, as it’s not really a new release. I’m very glad I did though, because Patti Smith is a great storyteller, and has a great story to tell. Just Kids tells the story of her leaving her parental home and finding her place as a young artist in NYC. Not an easy life, but hard lives usually make for better stories.

4. Jenny Lawson – Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy: a mix of heartbreaking and hilarious stories. Just read it. Honestly.

5. Welcome To Night Vale

Night Vale, a small desert town where all conspiracy theories are true. Try out the podcast and, if you like that, pick up the book. Something for us weirdos 🙂