Brownsberg and Stuwmeer

My last weekend in Suriname I went on one final trip, to Brownsberg.


The view from the top of Brownsberg

At the bottom of Brownsberg is an enormous lake, the size of the Province of Utrecht in The Netherlands. This lake is man-made. The Dutch government built a big dam, to make electricity from the water.

Guide explaining

Our guide explaining the history of the lake

We hiked down to Leoval, one of the waterfalls on Brownsberg


My companions enjoying Leoval

The next day the weather wasn’t as nice, but the view was gorgeous.



When they created the lake they didn’t have the time/funds to rid the area of trees, so they were all left standing. Now a Chinese company is making millions clearing the lake of high quality wood.

We went fishing as well, for piranhas. Some had proper equipment.

Ginger fishing

Ginger fishing

Others improvised

Anouk fishing

Anouk fishing

A couple of us caught fish.

Koen and piranha

Koen with a piranha

All in all, it was a great weekend, even with the pouring rain at times.

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