Heading inland!

I’ve been in Paramaribo for almost 2 weeks now. I think I’ve adjusted reasonably well. My housemates are fun, the house itself seems to have quite a few luxuries (warm water, wifi, washer and dryer).

Work is good as well. I have some amazing coworkers and bosses who make me laugh every day. My project is going well, and my mentor is very happy with the work I’ve done so far.

Today especially was great! One of my coworkers celebrated her birthday, so we all got together for cake and she told us some more about herself. And while we were all enjoying our cake one of the bosses told my fellow interns and me that we are headed inland on March 15 for the weekend! We are going to Bonnidoro (I think that’s what one of my fellow interns, Dimitri, said) to check on the STARS project that is starting there. STARS helps children in the final year of primary school prepare for the GLO-test they have to take. The result from that test will determine where they go to high school, which determines what kind of job they can get later. STARS has helped a lot of children who scored low on the first test at the start of the year score higher than the national average by the end.

To get to our final destination we will have to drive for 6 hours and take a boat for 2 more. It will all be very exciting. Many people have told me that inland is the most beautiful part of Suriname.

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