Day 2 – I don’t mind the rain anymore

I can’t quite figure out if it’s the rain season or the dry season, different sources are telling me different things. If the number of rain storms I’ve encountered is anything to go by, I’d say it’s the rain season.

I don’t mind though, the rain breaks the heat. Even if you’re caught in it without an umbrella, you’ll be dry again 2 minutes after it’s over thanks to the wind and warmth.

Welcome to Suriname.Rain

Hiding in a bus shelter from the storm yesterday

Paramaribo, Suriname

For those who don’t know yet, I’m flying to Paramaribo, Suriname tomorrow. I’ll be staying there for the next 3 months to do my internship.Paramaribo Suriname

I’ll be working at Stichting TANA to completely redo their current website. Stichting TANA offers very job-oriented education (like becoming a butcher or a car mechanic) to youth who have fallen out of the education system.

Those who know me might think going to Suriname is a strange choice for me. I’m not usually a fan of warm weather, give me snow any day.Temperature

The weather will be a big adjustment, but Suriname will be one big, unforgettable adventure. I’m really looking forward to getting to know a new city, country, continent, a completely different way of life.

I will be back on May 19, and will keep you updated right here in the meantime.


From Feb. 2 to Feb. 10 I, along with 16 other people, went to Norwich on an exchange with SeaMedia. The goal was to have 4 videos about sports or beer by the end of the week. We got split into 4 groups of 4 people to work, 1 New Media and Communication Technology or Devine student, 1 Journalism student, 1 international student and a coach.

On Sunday we brainstormed an idea, and researched and contacted people to help us make our idea come true.
Team Awesome brainstorming in the right conditions (photo by Celine)

By Monday morning we had a good idea of what we wanted our video to look like, so we could start filming.
Filming a squash scene (photo by Claudia)

On Tuesday we filmed some more, mostly outside in quite cold weather (snow in the late afternoon!).
Setting up the camera (photo by Claudia)

On Wednesday we started editing. It took a while before we could actually start working because there were issues with getting the video files in the right place.
Team Awesome being awesome at editing (photo by Claudia)

On Thursday we continued editing, and in the evening a part of the group filmed a concert at Epic (where we were editing) to be live-streamed on

Filming crew
The amazing filming crew (photo by Claudia)

On Friday we continued editing, along with filming a talk show in the afternoon.

Auto Prompter
I got to operate the camera with the autocue attached to it 🙂 (photo by Claudia)

On Saturday we finally finished our video. Yay! We celebrated at Pedro’s.
With He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (photo by Claudia)

And here are the results:

The Beer Burning Challenge by Kenneth, Celine and me

The City is the Board by Aveline, Bjorn and Francis

Open, a Different View on Nightlife by Thomas, Marta and Maarten

Parkour: Dangerous Hobby or Fun Sport? by Hanne, Carl and Audrey