Thank you friends/Goodbye to the US

Right now I am on a bus back to Chicago. I am sad. This is the end of a great vacation. On Monday school starts again. There is still so much left to figure out before school starts. I feel like I’m not ready.
I am sad because I already miss my friends in Cincinnati. I can (and will) still talk to them online but there is something special about seeing your friends in real life, being in the same room as them.
I remind myself of all the fun I’ve had and how lucky I am that I was able to make this trip.
I had a great day seeing Chicago with Kim. We went to Sears Tower and saw the city from the Skydeck. We saw Grant Park and the reflection of Chicago’s skyline in The Bean. We visited Navy Pier, took an architectural river tour and rode the ferris wheel. It was a blast.
Amanda took me to Michigan City Zoo with all its amazing animals. I met Amber and we had a fun-filled afternoon in an old mall.
I saw Cliff & Stephanie, Meagan, Matt and McKenna and they made me feel at home in their house. I had a behind the behind the scenes look (aka I met Stephanie’s extended family). I played Age of Empires 3 with Cliff and Matthew and colored with McKenna.
I finally met Jenny.
Daniel and Jeremy invited me on to the Ramen Noodle and I had an evening filled with laughter.
Jeremy and Jenny taught me Dutch Blitz at Reality Tuesday (I even won a few games!).
I saw DG and met Tiffany and baby Grace.

I feel incredibly lucky to have all these amazing friends. Thank you all for making my vacation one that I will never forget. Writing this has definitely cheered me up 🙂


PS.: I bought a box of Tazo chai concentrate so I can make Starbucks-like chai tea at home 😀