Why I listen to podcasts

This month is my podcastiversary, not of me podcasting but of me listening to podcasts. I started listening in August ’05. I still remember how I found out about podcasts. I was working my first summer job and my mp3-player died. I stopped by the Fnac (love that store, they sell tech, books, cd’s, dvd’s,…) and they had a sale on iPods. The new iPod Photo had just come out so the old model was discounted. When I came home I installed iTunes and started copying all my songs to my iPod. While this was going I started exploring iTunes. I checked out the store and saw all these free ‘podcasts’. I decided to check out a couple of them. It was free so what was the harm? I think the first couple I downloaded where Kermode & Mayo’s Film Reviews and Pottercast. I was hooked. This was like radio, but better. These were intelligent and funny people talking about topics I was interested in.
Later that year Lost started (in Belgium). This was such an interesting show, and there was so much there. I felt like I was just scratching the surface, not understanding all that was there. I went looking for more information. I found the Lost Podcasting Network, with Jay & Jack, GSPN, Delta Park Project, The Transmission. The Lost Podcasting Network completely pulled me in to podcasting.
Now I listen to podcasts for several reasons. I listen to learn, to laugh, to hear about the lives of people I care about, to hear intelligent people discuss topics I’m interested in. I can’t imagine my laugh without podcasts anymore. Because of podcasts I met a lot of great people, who became first online and later face-to-face friends.

Here’s a list of the shows I currently listen to. If you have suggestions of more to check out please let me know.