This week I bought a plane ticket to the US in September. The price was really good and I’d been wanting to go back since my last trip. This got me thinking about which trips I enjoy the most and why I go where I go.
When I was little I went where my parents went. As we always home exchanged we went all over Europe. I love that I’ve seen at least a little part of most Western European countries (Portugal is still missing from that list, and I’ve only driven through Luxembourg).
Since graduating high school my trips have changed. I don’t travel (much) with my parents anymore. They like to go on short mid-week trips when my brother and I aren’t home. I find that now I want my trips to have a purpose, a goal. That goal isn’t always the same the thing.
The first trip I went on after graduating was a vacation in Spain. The goal there was to do nothing but spend quality time with my best friend. The trip after that was a weekend in Oslo. I was all alone in a country I had never been before and it was one of the best trips of my life. It was a trip of firsts: my first time in Norway, a country I had loved for a long time; my first time going somewhere alone; my first time seeing Christian Ingebrigtsen perform (he’s my favourite singer).
Last year I had another trip of firsts. I flew to Kentucky for a Lost party. It wasn’t my first time flying to the States, or even my first time in Kentucky! It was my first time meeting people I had only known online. It was my first time spending a week with people who weren’t family. Cliff & Stephanie made me feel at home in their house and it was a great week.
What I’m trying to say is that nowadays my trips need a purpose, whether that is seeing an artist I love perform, seeing friends who live far away or spending quality time with my best friend.